Mothers Day

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is our annual reminder to cherish the relationship you have with your mom. With this year's unique circumstances, many of us are celebrating the holiday at home or away from the women — moms, grandmas, aunts, you name it — that we love most. For that reason, some "traditional" mothers day gifts like spa days and fancy dinners feel next-to-impossible this May. But remember, Mother's Day isn't canceled; in fact, the sentiment behind the holiday is more meaningful than ever before!

With some creativity and preparation, you can give your mom the Mother's Day she deserves — and, let's face it, needs — during quarantine. This list is full of ideas that don't require you or your mom to leave the house, so you can continue to be safe. We have included a few virtual activities that you can enjoy together even if you're physically apart. And if you're still on the hunt for a boost to your mothers days gift, look no further: Many of these experiences are gift-worthy and most of all, mom-approved.

Serve her breakfast in bed.

mothers day ideas during quarantine   breakfast in bed

Flowers delivered (by us) to the front door.

mothers day ideas during quarantine   wreath

Check places off your bucket list (virtually).

mothers day ideas during quarantine   biltmore asheville tour
Even if you can't hop on a plane and sightsee, you and your mom can still bask in the world's beauty with virtual tours of museums, gardens, mansions, and national parks. Take a look at this site with a cool collections of world Zoos, Museums and theme parks... all virtual! Virtual Tours Ideas

Take an online cooking class.

With a virtual cooking class, you can get the whole family to pitch in for her Mother's Day brunch or dinner. Whether you're looking for a speciality class (cheese-making, for example) or want to cook an entire meal from scratch YouTube has you covered, Gordon Ramsay gives a good intro! ... the possibility are limitless!

Watch a mother-daughter movie together.

mothers day ideas during quarantine   mothers day movies
If you're going to be stuck inside, you might as well cozy up on the couch and watch a movie marathon with your #1 lady. To celebrate the occasion, pick from a list of mother-daughter favourites, including Little Women, Steel Magnolias, and Wine Country.

Host a virtual happy hour.

mothers day ideas during quarantine   virtual happy hour
Raise a glass to the woman who raised you — the virtual way. It's your call: Once you sign on Zoom or the video conferencing app of your choice, play games, tune into a virtual concert, or simply chat the night away with a cocktail in hand.

Learn a new skill like meditation!

on meditation and hysterical babies | How many mom blogs does it ...